UNION, NJ – Lines stretched out of the theater and down the block Tuesday night with folks awaiting the free screening of “Hidden Figures” at the Union Theater, a continuation of the Township’s Black History Month celebrations.

More than 700 people attended the free screening and every theater was filled to capacity.

“My colleagues and I were determined to provide this experience tonight,” said Township of Union Mayor Suzette Cavadas.  “Not only is “Hidden Figures” a box office hit, but it tells relevant and valuable stories about civil rights, feminism, and equality that much to our detriment we’re still trying to navigate today.”

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Cavadas continued, “women, and more importantly black women, are rarely celebrated or properly acknowledged for their contributions to history.  In “Hidden Figures” black women are highlighted at the forefront of one of NASA’s greatest operations, but more importantly, this movie is the story of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.”

Cavadas said she and the Township Committee thought the entire community, regardless of age, should have the privilege of seeing the movie on the big screen

“Earlier this year, my cousins took me to see the movie “Fences”, said Union High School student Samia Chin.  “I was fascinated with that movie.  I came here with two of my friends and we are excited to see this movie.”

“The Township is promoting a lot around Black History Month,” added Deputy Mayor Joseph Florio.  “This film recognizes these young women who were involved in the space program and who got very little fanfare.  It’s an important motion picture.  It’s an important night for the Township of Union.”

“I hope this movie becomes an impetuous for some of our young people, to strive for something beyond maybe what they had envisioned.  This movie will show them that they can do anything if they really want to,” said Florio.

“I’ve never been to an event like this before,” said Union resident Vanessa Pedraze.   “It’s a great turnout and I really want to see the movie.”