Circuit and Abs Class

10:00 a.m. with Denise
Get 2 Classes in 1 Hour!

The first 30 minutes will take you through a Maximum Capacity Circuit Training Workout. Designed for fast results in a short amount of time, class will incorporate concepts from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) using Strength, Resistance & Endurance exercise, Speed & Agility Exercises, Calisthenics Exercises, Core Training, Heart Rate Training & More, to maximize your results FAST!

The second half of the class will be an Intense 30-minute Abdominal/Core Training workout that will get you that six-pack in no time! Strengthen your Core while toning and slimming your midsection resulting in a Beach Ready Body! Whether you come for just the first half or the second half or stay for the entire hour, this is a must-add to your workout regimen!