UNION, NJ – Union High School’s Financial Literacy Scholars Program, with the financial backing of ConnectOne Bank for the past three years, has experienced significant growth in enrollment.  The program has grown from 144 students certified in 2013, to 164 students in 2014, to 292 students certified in 2015. In all 1,792 students were reached by the ConnectOne Bank Financial Literacy Scholars Program at Union High School.

Knowledge gains were made in areas such as banking, credit scores, consumer fraud, savings, payment types, taxing and insurance, investing, renting vs. owning and financing higher education.  Union High School students who participated in the Financial Literacy Scholars Program “have made significant, healthy shifts in their financial attitudes and behaviors after taking the EverFi digital learning course” according to an EverFi report.

"We are thrilled to support the Township of Union School District in this way and are gratified knowing that these young financial literacy scholars are better prepared to face life's financial realities as a direct result of this program," said Frank Sorrentino, ConnectOne Bank chairman and CEO.