KENILWORTH, NJ - Although Tom Ramos now lives in Moutainside, he is still very much a part of his Kenilworth hometown, where he lived up until seven years ago. As a realtor for the past twenty-five years, he specializes in properties in Union County, and not only serves his roots in Kenilworth working with buyers and sellers, but he owns properties in town as well. And when he's not working as a realtor under his father's Ramos Real Estate sign in Union, NJ, or checking on his tenants, he's always looking for good investment opportunities and now most recently, filming a segment for the Do It Yourself Network (DIY) series, "First Time Flippers".

Ramos and his investment partner, Michael Czar from New Providence, applied a few months ago to appaer on a segment of "First Time Flippers" and they were selected soon after. Currently they are in the middle of filming different stages of purchasing, gutting, remodeling and selling a multi-family property located in Union, and their appearance will be edited into one segment.

First as a fan of the show, Ramos found himself in the position of a first time house flipper last year, watching segments to get tips on how to approach the purchase, remodel and sale. Ramos adds, "The show has really helped my business, how to make homes more marketable specifically and focus on how to list the home and make a profit."

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Ramos believes the success to flipping really starts with having a good understanding of the real estate industry in general, as both he and his partner, a home inspector, can attest to. Ramos comments, "You really need to have experience buying and selling real estate personally before you enter the flipping arena, you also have to be realisitic about the list price and understand that any project is going to take longer than expected and also may end up costing more."

And while Ramos is filming the show, he remains focused on his clients, "I really love when my clients put their trust in me, to get them top dollar on the listing side and to provide them with the most accurate market analysis. I also like to educate them as much as possible and help them remain realistic, with over 80% of sellers thiking their home is worth more than it is, my job is to sell their house but also keep them realistic about their expectations."

Talking about the local market specifically Ramos adds, "Real estate is still the bet investment to make and Kenilworth is still a great market, with the second lowest taxes in Union County and both people moving within the town and others coming in, it's a great close knit community."

Ramos and Czar will be making their television debut soon, exact date and time of their segment on DIY Network's "Frist Time Flippers" is still to be determined.