The feel-good travel events of the year are departing to Colombia, as well as Malta soon!   Give yourself the special gift of being a participant on a truly wonderful travel experience -  that is being expertly lead by Union’s long-time native, Roxan Chen!

Departures for the 33rd annual Goodwill Tours are right around the corner!   The 2017 Goodwill Tour to Bogota, Colombia is set to take off November 24  -   and the 2017 Goodwill Tour to Malta departs November 30.   Both destinations are heavily participated on by excited travelers from all over the USA, however there still remains several spaces available to enjoy this well organized, enriching vacation of a lifetime which incorporates the opportunity to do some well needed goodwill while on tour. 

See: for extensive details, or call 1 800 338 7673 to inquire about the wonderful opportunity to do yourselves a world of while doing good for the world. 

(Special perk:   TAP readers receive a $25 honorarium/discount on the already very reasonable trip – sign up today!)