While shopping this weekend, I noticed lots of ladies accessorizing, which warmed my heart.  I love to see ladies taking pride in themselves and taking it to the next level of accessorizing.  This little additional effort can take your outfit from nice to fabulous.

For those that haven’t taken the plunge and for those that are not sure of how, this is for you.  The Necklace Guide – How to accessorize necklines.

Boat Neck- it is best to accessorize with a long necklace that hangs lower than the neckline of your top.

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It will elongate your neck and balance your shoulders.

Scoop Neck- it is best paired with short necklaces with volume or statement necklaces.  This necklace should fall above your neckline to help fill in the space around the neck.

Crew Neck- spruce up the basic crew neck with a collar or bib style necklace.  Choose a necklace that falls slightly lower than the neckline.

V-Neck- choose a necklace that matches the V-shape of your neckline. Make sure that the necklace does not pass the neckline.

Collared shirt (Button Down)-  if you wear the shirt buttoned to the top, wear a large statement piece on the outside of the collar.  Make sure that it wraps perfectly around the collar.  As a button down wear a short necklace that fits neatly inside.  If the shirt is not very busy, a statement piece would be good as well.

Sweetheart-  a short necklace with a pendent that falls above the neckline.

Strapless- you can match you strapless with a short slim necklace or choker.  If you are looking for a bolder look, opt for a statement piece or long layered necklace.

Cowl Neck- this neckline is very busy and should only be paired with a simple necklace (short slim drop necklace with a pendent or design.)  If you choose  a long pendent necklace, it should be tucked under the overlapping layer with the pendent falling slightly lower than the bottom fold.