UNION, NJ – What do Mahatma Gandi, Steve Jobs, Rosie the Riveter, Lady Gaga and Beethoven all have in common?

Fourth grade students at Connecticut Farms Elementary School portrayed these famous figures among many others at the school’s first Living Wax Museum on Friday.

“The kids picked a person of interest to portray and did extensive research on that person,” said fourth grade teacher and event co-founder Ms. Korzen.  “The kids were super excited and parents told us they were talking about the project for weeks.”

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Each “wax” figure would recite a 20-30 second speech about themselves when the “press here” button on the floor was pressed.  Each student prepared a display board which contained photos and information about the current or historical person they were portraying.  Parents, visitors and students from other grades were invited to visit the wax museum throughout the day.  There were over 75 lifelike displays to view.

“This was a lot of fun,” said Aidan Heller, who portrayed Babe Ruth.  “I learned Babe was one of the first five players inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

“The students put a lot of effort into this project and it shows,” said fourth grade teacher and event co-founder Ms. Lam.  “This interactive learning made a big difference in the children’s interest level.” 

“I picked Nikola Tesla because I want to be an engineer when I get older,” said Christian Spivey. Sydney Gensch, also known as Albert Einstein, said she was very excited about portraying Einstein because “I got to dress like him and found out he discovered the theory of relativity.”