Summit, New Jersey -- A novel released in December is a coming-of-age story about a local high school boy who builds a spaceship, flies to Betelgeuse, meets sexy aliens, and has adventures. Jakk’s Journey, by local author and handyman Tom Sulcer, takes place in the spring of Jakk’s senior year in a town similar to Summit or Westfield. The book, described by a reviewer as “Kurt Vonnegut meets Mark Twain”, details encounters with curious robots, celebrity-hood and its fallout, the ultimate computer program, and romantic battling which includes a risque encounter between Jakk and his would-be girlfriend’s mother. It may appeal to readers who found Star Wars exciting but unfulfilling. How can a teenage boy, in today’s culture with hard-to-identify sexism and gender uncertainty and confusing dating etiquette, become a man? How can Jakk, dealing with aliens, learn to become a human? While the book was written for all adults, it is geared for younger men seeking a place in modern life and for women seeking to understand how men really think. In addition, women may be intrigued by strong female characters as well as unconventional approaches to romance and dating. A word of caution: there are a few explicit scenes which may not be appropriate for youngsters -- think of it like an R-rated film. Thomas Wright Sulcer (author) Gary Nissenbaum and Geoff Smith (editors), ISBN-13: 978-1519278623, 280 pages, CreateSpace (publisher) December 2015. Availability: Kindle (online); paperbacks available at Amazon and Ahrre’s Coffee Roastery in Summit and Westfield.