Monday is Memorial Day. A time we have the opportunity and the responsibility to remember the sacrifices of the many men and women, throughout the decades who served and serve in any capacity through the various branches of the United States military.

This year it is equally important that we honor those who served and presently serve valiantly to protect our lives during this pandemic. Many of those heroes gave of themselves unreservedly, to their demise.

As military personnel, police, emergency employees, Dr.’s, nurses, essential workers put their lives on the line for us daily, we should make every effort to not only pray for them, but support the effort by complying, not complaining.

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Somehow, somewhere, we as a people have lost our way. The right to go to the beach, with or without face protection has taken center stage.  Some of us are entertaining lawsuits and engaging in acts of civil disobedience bemoaning the inability to go to a bar and have a beer as opposed to bearing the weight of responsibility for the lives of fellow human beings.

The thousands of lived lost and the tremendous emotional toll exacted on many more thousands seems to have eclipsed the enormous fear that overwhelmed us a mere few weeks ago.

Now is not the time to get caught in the political drama.

No amount of fiscal wellbeing is worth the potential dangers that will continue to befall our country and the world.

Remember, our children are depending on us to do what is in the bet interest of the present their/our future). Pastors, civic leaders, parents, students, caregivers as well every citizen of this great country, most important those who profess the name Children of the Most High God, stay the course.

This Memorial Day let’s honor the lost lives and the sacrifices of the living heroes by doing all we can to endure this race with grace and patience.

Rev. Samuel M. Wright, Jr., Pastor

Union Chapel Church, Union, NJ