UNION, NJ – A public lighting of the Menorah took place Thursday evening at Town Hall with Rabbi Kanelsky, members of Bris Avrohom, residents and township officials.

“Every single day during Chanukah we add an additional candle,” said Rabbi Kanelsky.  “It teaches us the message that every single day a person needs to do good for others, for the community and for God.”

“I hope that this holiday season brings light to everyone on earth and the peace that we need throughout the world,” said Mayor Manuel Figueiredo. 

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“The Township of Union is such a diverse community,” said Deputy Mayor Suzette Cavadas.  “It’s so important that we celebrate the different religions here in our community.  I want to thank you for showing the light here today and I want to wish everyone a happy Chanukah.”

Chanukah  is also known as the Festival of Lights, an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the second Temple in Jerusalem in the second century BCE.  Before the Temple could be reopened, it had to be cleaned.  The lamps needed to be filled with pure olive oil with the seal of the high priest for the menorah, which was required to burn throughout the night every night. Only one flask was found with enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days, the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of kosher oil.  An eight-day festival was declared by the Jewish sages to commemorate this miracle.

Chanukah occurs each year between late November to late December. This year, the holiday began Dec. 24 and ends Jan. 1.