UNION, NJ – Anne Burgunder, a math professor from New York University, recently conducted a lesson study with several Algebra I teachers at Union High School.

Lesson studies, which are commonplace in Japanese schools, require teachers to collaboratively plan, observe, and discuss a “public lesson”.  Samantha Elie, Algebra I teacher at UHS, hosted the lesson study in her classroom.  During the planning phase, Algebra I teachers studied the standards, researched various instructional methods, and discussed a problem to pose to Ms. Elie’s students. They further anticipated student responses, both correct and incorrect, and brainstormed how they might respond to each of the answers.

While observing Ms. Elie and Dr. Burgunder during their lesson, the observing teachers took detailed notes on student reactions, looking for evidence of understanding or confusion within the lesson.  They continued with follow-up discussions that were grounded in student work and focused on student learning.

“Today’s lesson study was empowering as it demonstrated to our teachers their own ability to improve their practice and the learning of their students,” said Math Supervisor Dr. Jeremy Cohen.