UNION, NJ – Residents pitched in over the last six months and collected a whooping 1,037 pounds of plastic waste.

For each 500 pounds of plastic material collected during the six-month challenge, the Trex Company committed to donate a bench from the recycled material.  One 48” Yacht Club bench has already been delivered and will be placed somewhere in town for the public’s use.  Another bench is forthcoming.

During the six-month program, which ended on May 15, Township residents dropped off plastic products at one of three collection sites.   “We reached the goal in less than four months,” said Cliff Pietrucha, Department of Public Works Recycle Coordinator.  “This is plastic that can’t be put in typical recycle bins, so it was great that we could collect it like this.”

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Pietrucha said they collected an average of 200 pounds per month. 

 “We thought this was an unsurmountable challenge,” said Township Committeeman and DPW Commissioner Clifton People, Jr.  “But the Township came through and exceeded all expectations.”

The Township announced on Friday that a new six-month round for the Trex Plastic Bag Challenge begin on Friday. 

“I’m beyond ecstatic knowing that our residents were devotedly pitching in to recycle their share,” stated Mayor Michele Delisfort. “I encourage our youth and local organizations to join us as we embark on another six month challenge and help us reach our goal again.”

The new six-month challenge will run from May 16 until November 16.  

Drop off locations:

  • Union Town Hall, 1976 Morris Avenue
  • Union Senior Center, 968 Bonnel Court
  • Union Department of Public Works, 1 Swanstorm Place

The Challenge is part of the Trex Recycling Program, aimed at encouraging the general public to recycle their grocery bags, bread bags, produce bags, cereal bags, ice bags, case overwrap, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, Ziploc and other re-sealable bags, and similar bags and wrap for other objects. If the organization or school collects 500 or more pounds of thin film plastics within a six-month period, Trex will send the group a Trex Outdoor Furniture 48" Yacht Club Bench.       

The Trex Company estimates that the weight of 75 thin film plastic bags equals approximately one pound. This means that for every 500 pounds collected, a total of approximately 37,500 thin film plastic bags were collected.