UNION, NJ - A threat of violence for Tuesday at Union High School was posted yesterday on a township social media site, which spread quickly throughout the town.  The investigation is ongoing, but the threat has been deemed not credible. 

Director of Police Dan Zieser said, “The investigation was conducted by the Union Police Department in close association with the Board of Education and the high school. All of the students involved have been identified and disciplinary action is pending."

Late last night, the Union Police Department posted the following on Facebook: “The Police Department is aware of a threat posted on another Facebook page for Union residents. A person posted about potential problems at Union High School and due to the wonders of social media, the word has spread very quickly.  There is nothing to indicate there is any validity to these threats and Detectives are investigating the source of the threats.  We are working with the Board of Education to ensure that there are no problems at any of the schools and the students are safe each and every day.”

In response to the social media threat, the following message was sent to district parents this morning: “Good morning. This is Superintendent of Schools Gregory Tatum with an important announcement on behalf of the Union Police Department.  As you may be aware, a threat of potential violence at Union High School was posted on a social media site last night.  This threat was immediately reported to the Union Police Department.  After a four-hour investigation, the Police Department has concluded the threat to be non-credible.  As always, the safety and well-being of all students and staff remain a top priority of the Township of Union Public Schools and the Union Police Department.  Thank you.”