SPRINGFIELD, NJ — A business located on the Springfield side of Route 22 has quickly instituted and then pulled back on a surcharge that owners initially declared was a result of the state-wide minimum wage increase.

At the start of the new year, legislation in place in New Jersey raised the minimum wage to $11.00 per hour. Small businesses and other classes of labor are exempt form the full raise, and will only see an increase to a $10.30 minimum wage. It is part of a plan to gradually increase the minimum wage until 2024, when it will sit at $15.00.

While the national minimum wage has remained stagnant at $7.25, New Jersey and other states are taking steps to increase the amount paid.

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However, detractors of the legislation say that one of their main problems with the increase is that the minimum wage will make it harder for business to operate, forcing them to jack up prices or go out of business.

For the Sky Zone in Springfield, the former option was tested out for the first day or so of the new year.

Visitors to the website were greeted with a pop up notifying them of a minimum wage surcharge of $1.00 dollar on each transaction of $10.00 dollars or more to, in their words, "defray the costs of the recent minimum wage increase."

The pop up went on to explain that the owners felt the surcharge would allow them to keep their team members and provide a stellar experience for guests.

However, public pressure over the matter caused the owners of Sky Zone to re-think their position, and yesterday afternoon, the owners posted a statement to their Facebook page, which reads;

At Sky Zone Springfield, we listen to our guests and apologize for the recent communication
regarding a minimum wage surcharge. This was not intended to be a political statement but instead to
address changing business costs while remaining transparent with guests. However, we have heard your
feedback and will be retracting this surcharge to explore other cost efficiencies. We apologize for any
misunderstanding and hope to see you at our park soon.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

As of press time, no other follow-up programs have been floated by the ownership in light of the minimum wage increase.

To learn more about the time table for minimum wage increases in New Jersey, read this post from the National Federation of Independent Businesses: https://www.nfib.com/content/news/new-jersey/minimum-wage-increases-in-new-jersey-scheduled-to-begin-july-1/