UNION, NJ – The political season came to Battle Hill Elementary School in November with Student Council campaigns and elections.

Fourth grade students got involved in the school political process and had an opportunity to campaign for Student Council President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Student Council, at the fourth grade level, is an introduction to student government, community involvement, and fundraising. 

“At Battle Hill, we strive to make the Student Council better each year by finding new ways to help our school, the community and our country,” said Student Council Advisor Miss Alison Brehm.

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Just like a regular election, Battle Hill held its first ever primary election.  All fourth-grade students were encouraged to apply for a position and those who applied wrote a speech to first persuade the teachers.  Each speech was linked into a Google Form which allowed teachers to view them and vote for their top four candidates in each position. Votes were tallied and four finalists were chosen.


Treasurer – Ava Fidalgo, Andrew Manata, Julian Felix and Julia Laverty

Secretary – Isabella Solano, Adaugo Ikwu, Ava Soares and Bryce Wiafe

Vice President – Jennah Pettiford, Roosevelt Sterling, Kimberly Pritchett and Bella Luna Victoria

President – Leo Yang, Sasheen Previlon, Caitlin Palestis and Yadier Yi

Candidates created flyers which were placed around the building and they delivered their speech to the student body.  Each candidate was asked to briefly speak about the purpose of their role, why they would be best for the job and a fundraiser they would like to see happen this year at Battle Hill, which would benefit the school or an organization. 

Each fourth grade student had the opportunity to vote for a candidate in each category.  Instead of using a paper and pencil ballot, students used an online ballot, creased by advisor Jessica Mongiovi, for student to vote during their recess time.

The winners are:

President: Yadier Yi

Vice President: Bella Luna Victoria

Secretary: Ava Soares

Treasurer: Julia Laverty

“The goal this year was to continue to get the board more involved in all aspects of Student Council,” said Mongiovi.  Following the election, board members met with advisors and selected representatives from each class to assist them throughout the year.


Kauri Townes

Roosevelt Sterling

Adrew Manata

Julian Felix

Adaugo Ikwu

Isabella Solano

Aiden Vazquez

Ta’Nise McDonald