UNION, NJ – A Mayor’s Award was presented to Marilyn and Tyler Feliciano at this week's Township Committee for their work with T.Y.L.E.R.’s Project.

T.Y.L.E.R.’s Project is a program focusing on engaging children, families and the community in acts of charity and good will.  The concept of the program was born from Feliciano’s desire to give back after fighting post partum depression and ultimately the passing of Tyler’s father.

“This was a time during which Marilyn encouraged Tyler to help others as a way of coping with his grief,” said Union Mayor Suzette Cavadas.  “Marilyn and Tyler have made it their primary goal to get other families involved within the community by spreading awareness of social issues through this program.  The members of T.Y.L.E.R.’s program have shown their dedication to community service through their acts, such as raising money for the mental health association, hot meals for the homeless and other charitable drives.”

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“This is not a one-person deal,” said Marilyn Feliciano. “There are a lot of people from the community involved.   In June, Tyler’s father passed away.  I wanted to do something that would fulfill us, not something temporary.  It’s so important to get my son involved in helping those less fortunate.”

“We’re doing a blanket drive on Dec. 16-17.  MY goal is to continue to help others in other ways as well.”  Information about T.Y.L.E.R.’s Project can be found at tylersprojectinc@gmail.com.