To kick off commemorating the 350th anniversary of the village of Connecticut Farms (aka the Township of Union), the Union Township Historical Society will host Rosemary Hilbert, presenting “The Battle of Connecticut Farms” at 2 pm on Sunday, April 30, at Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church, 888 Stuyvesant Avenue--right where much of the battle took place.

          Ms. Hilbert spoke about the battle last year at the North Jersey American Revolution Roundtable, of which she is a board member.  She will demonstrate—through photos and maps—the routes taken by the Patriots on June 7, 1780, to prevent the British from reaching Washington and his troops in Morristown--a turning point in the American Revolution.  Those familiar with Union’s geography will recognize the areas around Galloping Hill Road, Colonial Avenue, Morris Avenue, and Vauxhall Road—to name a few.

          Ms. Hilbert, a Union resident, is the author of a biography of Katharine Gibbs.  She is also president of historic Woodland Cemetery in Newark, and a member of the Washington Association of New Jersey.

          Refreshments will follow the presentation.  Admission is free.  For more information, call Barbara La Mort at 908-687-0048.