Did you know that the Max Challenge of Union/Springfield is NOT just a "gym" or a fitness program?  We offer the best of fitness AND nutritional counseling to ensure that at the end of 10 weeks, you will see an unbelievable transformation in your health.  We educate you about the right foods to eat, portion control, meal preparation and proper meal timing.  We give you all of the tools you need to completely revamp your lifestyle in only 10 weeks.  And yes, you can STILL enjoy your favorite foods and drinks!  Come in or call us to find out how!  

At the Max Challenge of Union/Springfield, we have always advocated for personal meal preparation, but we also understand that approach is not always possible for our members with so many different demands on their time.

So, we searched for an answer and are excited to introduce The Max Challenge Meals. We have formed a partnership to have a team of chefs create a line of professionally prepared meals, using the best quality ingredients, delivered straight to your door- and they are all ENTIRELY MAX CHALLENGE COMPLIANT. That means NO guess work, no label reading, no preparation, just amazing food to keep you on track with our Nutrition Plan.   As always, purchasing these meals is not a required part of our program, just a wonderful service we offer our members to help them on their journey to health, wellness, and fitness.  

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Spring is on it's way, and our next Challenge begins Monday, March 27th.  Are you ready to make the FAST and LASTING changes that you have been dreaming about for years?  Now with the Max Challenge Meals, it's even easier to accomplish your goals.  

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