UNION, NJ – School days in Union in the 1800s.

The small building standing alone in a field is thought to be a very early schoolhouse.  The Township of Union Historical Society believes it could have been where the first Connecticut Farms Sunday school was held.  Records indicate that Mary Potter started the Sunday school in her father’s corn crib in 1808.  Mary Potter was a member of the Potter family who first settled in Union in 1701.

In the photo of Connecticut Farms School class of 1890, Union’s Historical Society believes the missing last name is Haines.  Amazingly, for the photo of Connecticut Farms School class of 1889, someone handwrote each student’s name on the photo.

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Union High School opened on September 6, 1881, with a total enrollment of six students.  Joseph Headley was the only graduate in June 1882.  (For their 75th anniversary in 1957, Union High School would graduate over four hundred students.)  In 1887, R. Howard Tice became the teacher of the school’s total enrollment of eight students.

In 1895, a second high school was opened in Unionville on Burnett Avenue with Mr. Howard B. Kline as principal.  Union had two high schools until 1906 when the school at Unionville was closed and its students transferred to Connecticut Farms High School.  In 1909, two additional teachers and six additional subjects were added and enrollment reached a total of 31 students in 1912.

For more information on Union’s history, please visit the Township of Union’s Historical Society webpage at http://www.unionhistory.org/