Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday which means spring is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to spring ahead and give your business or commercial facility some much need TLC. We’ve come up with a few spring cleaning items you may want to tackle this season.


Windows, restrooms, break rooms, desk. Any surface you can imagine! On top of your regular daily cleaning, schedule a deep clean for your business to help eliminate any lingering dirt, grime, and bacteria. (Especially after this rough flu season and news on the Coronavirus).

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Your floors had it rough thanks to dirt, snow (ok, not that much snow) and salt. Revitalize your tile and carpeting with a deep cleaning and treatment. Don’t forget to power wash your sidewalk and parking lot, too.


Does your cleaning program incorporate environmentally-friendly practices? If not, consider making a change to eco-friendly paper products and cleaners.


Clean up your desk. Delete all those unnecessary emails and files. Ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”

In the case of a more business application of the popular KonMari method of decluttering/organization, ask should yourself “does this align with my business goals and strategies?” Be sure to follow company policies while you declutter though, as some companies may require to keep all documents and emails.


Greenery both inside and outside your building can help create a welcoming atmosphere for employees and customers alike. Plant some seasonal flowers!


Hidden allergens like mold and dust pile up in your AC coils while it’s dormant throughout the winter. Regular maintenance on your HVAC can help improve air quality and run your units more efficiently.

If your units are on the older side (15+ years) though, consider upgrading them through programs like Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, which covers up to 70% off the cost. (You can give us a call at 973-323-8008 to learn more or visit