UNION, NJ – Township residents have collected over 800 pounds of plastic waste in five months of the Trex Recycling Challenge.

“This challenge was a great way to engage with our residents to not only show the importance of recycling but how as a community we can come together and be environmentally responsible,” stated Mayor Michele Delisfort. “Union is becoming a more eco-friendly town and that is something we are looking forward to!”  

Union residents have pitched in to recycle thin film plastics and plastic bags, amassing 806 pounds of plastics.  The Challenge is part of the Trex Recycling Program, aimed at encouraging the general public to recycle their grocery bags, bread bags, produce bags, cereal bags, ice bags, case overwrap, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, Ziploc and other re-sealable bags, and similar bags and wrap for other objects.

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Trex will send a Trex Outdoor Furniture 48” Yacht Club Bench to organizations who collect over 500 pounds of thin film plastics within a six-month period.

The Trex Company estimates that the weight of 75 thin film plastic bags equals approximately one pound. This means that for every 500 pounds collected, a total of approximately 37,500 thin film plastic bags were collected.