UNION, NJ – A Union couple won nearly half a million dollars on NBC’s “The Wall”, a game show with a towering wall where green or red balls fall into slots with values reaching up to $1 million, which aired Monday night.

Victor and Evelyn Ortiz walked away with $499,899.

During the game, Evelyn answered questions while being sequestered and did not know how much money Victor was accumulating by dropping balls in the slots with prize amounts at the bottom – from $1 to $1 million.  When Evelyn reappeared, she could have signed for a guaranteed $145,124 or taken a chance on how much Victor had won throughout the show.  “You did your best.  I love you.  So, no matter what, we’re going to be good,” Victor said to Evelyn when she reappeared on the stage.  Then he shouted, “we’re going home with half a million dollars!”

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Victor Ortiz, a NJ Transit police officer, rescued a man from an oncoming train in August 2016 and received the Carnegie Medal from Union’s Mayor and Township Committee in August 2017.

At that August Committee Meeting, Mayor Suzette Cavadas described Ortiz’s heroism. “Victor saved a man from being struck by a train in Secaucus on Aug. 26, 2016.  The man went to a point between the tracks at a commuter train station as an express train, travelling at 60 mph, approached the train station on that track.  Victor pulled at the man, who greatly outweighed him, resisting his attempts to remove him from the track.  Seeing the train approach, Victor stepped between the rails of the track, but the man continued to struggle against him.  Victor tugged hard at the man as the train, then emergency braking, bore down on them.  Victor dragged the man from the tracks just seconds before the front of the train passed them.”

“Each day I reflect back to that day,” said Ortiz upon accepting his Carnegie Award, “and I was there for a reason.  I took an oath to protect and serve.  To this day, I’m proud to wear this badge and I’m proud to have been there for this individual.”