UNION, NJ - In the absence of school children visiting Union’s fire headquarters and firefighters visiting schools last week during Fire Prevention Week, Union firefighters demonstrated safety tips for students and the community in a video.

“This year is a lot different from what we’re used to,” said Union Fire Chief Mike Scanio.  “We thought it would be fun to videotape our firefighters as they provide some home safety tips.  It is still vitally important that we acknowledge Fire Prevention Week.”

Assisted by four Union firefighters, Joe Frain, Brian Sorrentino, Lt. Brian Rocklein, and Lt. Kenneth DeHart, Scanio asked some important fire safety questions:

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Q:  You’re home, you’re sleeping in bed.  You hear the smoke detector go off.  What’s the first thing you’re supposed to do?

A:  Get out and stay out.

Q:  When do we change batteries and test smoke detectors?

A:  We change batteries when we change our clocks in the Spring and Fall.  New smoke detectors have a 10-year lithium battery, but they still should be checked once a month.

Q:  The smoke detector goes off at night.  Johnny runs out the back.  Mom and Dad run out the front.  What’s the most important thing the family should have discussed before the emergency?

A:  The family should have discussed having a specific meeting place.  When firefighters arrive, they can talk to mom and dad and make sure everyone is safe.

Q:  Everyone is out of the house, the smoke detector is going off, and the fire department is on the way.  You realize you left your pet cat, your game, or your laptop in the house.  Should you go back inside for it?

A:  Once you’re out, you stay out.  Don’t go back in.

Q:  What do you do when your clothes catch on fire?

A:  Stop, Drop, Roll

Q:  What is the phone number we dial for any type of emergency you or your family may have?

A:  9-1-1

Firefighter Aldo Procak also demonstrated the equipment, from boots to helmet, firefighters use during an emergency.  “This is what firefighters look like when they gear up for an emergency,” said Scanio

Firefighter Mike Sanford helped demonstrate safety in the kitchen with the following tips:

-       Keep pot and pan handles turned inward when cooking on stovetop

-       If a fire breaks out in a pan, shut off gas and use lid to cover pan

-       Do not leave rags or towels on top of a stove

-       Do not reheat food in cardboard (i.e., pizza box) in oven

-       Don’t overload circuits

-       Keep electrical appliances away from sink

-       Keep metal out of microwave oven