UNION, NJ – Union firefighters spent part of their day on the 4th of July shoring up a home with significant structural damage.

After firefighters completed a medical aid call on Carteret Drive, they noticed an unoccupied home across the street which "appeared to have a lack of structural integrity", according to Battalion Chief Henry Sisbarro.

Union Fire Department’s Special Operations team designated the home as a hazard and began a shoring operation to stabilize the front and side of the house.  According to Sisbarro, the home has been unoccupied for about three years, although it was recently sold. 

To prevent a future collapsing hazard, the Special Operations team shored up four sections of the home located at 898 Carteret Ave.:  the garage, the arched walkthrough and two sections on the garage side of the house.  Township inspectors will determine the extent of the damage.