UNION, NJ – The annual Haitian Flag Raising ceremony, celebrating the rich culture and heritage of Haitians and Haitian-Americans, was held outside Town Hall on Thursday evening.

“How great is it that we can celebrate Haitian Flag Day in front of the township,” said event host Abigain Lewis.  “We have support not only from our Haitians but from our American brothers and sisters.  We need to keep that unity strong.”

“Today is a special day that holds a personal and cultural significance to me,” said Union Mayor Michele Delisfort, “as the first Haitian-American mayor in the Township of Union.   I was brought up in a Haitian household where I learned about my heritage, culture and history.  Because you don’t know who you are unless you know where you came from.”

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Delisfort said Haitian Flag Day has long been a symbol of pride and unity since Haiti became the world’s first Black-led republic and first independent Carribean state.

May 18 is recognized as Haitian Flag Day.  The red of the Haitain flag represents the Haitian people of mixed ancestry; the blue represents former African slaves brought to Haiti.

“Today, we not only celebrate the Haitians and the Haitian-American community, but more importantly the concepts of freedom from tyranny and the fight to overcome obstacles and struggle,” added Delisfort.

L'Union Fait La Force ("Unity Is Strength")