UNION, NJ – The Township of Union Police have issued an alert to township residents regarding recent scam calls purportedly from the IRS. 

According to their social media post, the Police advise residents not to return the call nor should any information be provided to the caller.  The Police indicate that the IRS does not make robocalls.

The advisory included a recording of an example of a fake IRS call:

“Please listen to the message careful.  This is the final notification call from IRS.  As there is a scrutiny going under your name with the Department of Internal Revenue Services.  So as soon as you receive this message to return the call at 888-229-0513.  I repeat it’s 888-229-0513.  And if we don’t hear from you immediately, this will be taken against you inside a court of law.  So to return the call as soon as you receive the message.  Thank you.”