UNION, NJ – Residents and members of Union’s Fire and Police Departments gathered in front of Fire Department headquarters on Monday morning in remembrance of the September 11 terror attack victims.

At 8:46, the exact time the first plane struck the World Trade Center, Police Director Dan Zeiser read the names of the New York City Police Department men and woman and the Port Authority Police officers who lost their lives. 

At 9:03, Fire Chief Michael Scanio then read the names of the 343 New York City firefighters who died on that day. 

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Family members of Adianes Oyola, who died in the World Trade Center at the age of 23, attended the event.  Her sister, Yasmine Cortes, said they sometimes go to the New York ceremonies.  “We come to these memorials, either here or in the City, for a sense of community and comradery,” said Cortes.  “Everyone feels your pain even if you weren’t directly affected.  Everyone was affected somehow.”

“I will never forget going over that bridge and looking at those towers,” said Scanio recalling his trip into the city to assist.  “We do this to remember and thank the firefighters who were there that day and for the firefighters who weren’t part of the fire service yet, so that we always remember this day.”

“This is always a very touching ceremony,” said Deputy Mayor Joseph Florio.  “This country has to always be reminded of what happened that day.”

“We were blessed to know and look up to the firefighters and police who gave up their lives that day,” said fire chaplain Charles McDermott.  “They really are heroes.”