UNION, NJ – The Starbucks Christmas cup controversy along with Donald Trump’s comments and all the debate that goes along with saying "Merry Christmas" has fueled DaVido – lead singer of DaVido and the LiBeatos – to write a new Christmas song.  There’s no politically correct sensitivity in his lyrics though. It’s a Christmas song that basically suggests that it is okay to say “Merry Christmas” (available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidothelibeatos2).

The new song, entitled “Just Say Merry Christmas” has just been made available to the public on cdbabycom along with a YouTube video. He felt strongly about getting this message out. “I want to be able to sing a holiday wish out loud for not only those who celebrate Christmas but also for those who celebrate any religious holiday,” basically live and let live, said DaVido. “We need to go back to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ kind of Christmas and simply regain the joy of this season and still respect everyone’s holidays and eliminate the hypersensitivity of always being all-inclusive. Diversity is what makes us interesting.”

DaVido is a vocalist, entertainer and composer. An Essex County, NJ, native, and resident of Union, NJ, reached out to another New Jersey native, award-winning Composer/Producer, Edward B. Kessel, to put the finishing touches on his song and also to produce and arrange the song in his Springfield, NJ, studio. Kessel, president of renowned production company Sound Imagination, has written, arranged and produced Top 40 Songs, orchestrated music for such Broadway shows as "A Tale of Two Cities", also composed music for film scores, TV soundtracks, jingles and commercial scores. When DaVido presented Kessel the song, he absolutely loved the sentiment, and although it was already early December, Mr. Kessel said, “When DaVido played me a rough version of the song with his guitar, I knew I had to help get this message out." Kessel also is a cowriter on one of DaVido’s songs off his album entitled "Maracas".

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The music video was produced by Mark Conforti of Quando Productions -  .

DaVido sets himself apart from other performers with his three-octave vocal range and high-energy performance. Hispassion for 20th Century American pop music is evident in his newly released debut album, “Retropolitan Theatre”, which combines everything from edgy rock to heart-wrenching ballads to jumpin’ swing.

As DaVido says “I usually don't try and get political with my music. I leave that up to greats like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, but this whole Merry Christmas thing has just struck a chord inside my soul. ‘Just Say Merry Christmas’ shows exactly what I want to say about the politically correct, incorrect world we are living in today."

For more information about DaVido, visit www.davidorocks.com.