UNION, NJ – Two Livingston Elementary School teachers inspired their students through fitness and healthy living, culminating in their completion of the recent TCS New York City Marathon. 

Teachers Eric Shaw and Michael Miller began training 16 weeks prior to the race, running 4-5 times a week, from 3 miles up to 20 miles.  

“Our goal is to be positive role models through fitness,” said Shaw.  “Over the past few years we have incorporated more fitness based games and activities in our PE classes to promote a healthy lifestyle. You don’t always have to play the traditional sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.  You just have to find activities that keep you moving and healthy.”

“We found our love for running a way to stay fit and it was an easy way to set a great example for our elementary students and our high school athletes,” said Miller.  “Eric and I both love the challenge to get better and better with each run. Looking forward to our next race already.”