Dear Editor,

I just had to write in about the Mayor's Fall Festival on September 24, 2016. What an absolutely awesome time my family and I experienced. As a resident of Union there were vendor's there that I had never had the pleasure to patronize, until the Mayor's Fall Festival.  It truly was fun for all.  While walking on Stuyvesant Avenue we ran into Committeeman and former Mayor Mr Clifton People Jr.  He greeted my family with such warmth.  After he introduced himself I got the opportunity to talk to him. His passion for our community energized me and my family to get more involved in Union.  As a homeowner and a taxpayer I appreciated how insightful and responsive he was to my questions.  We also ran into Committee Woman Michele Delisfort.  She literally came right up to my family, and introduced herself.  She was so pleasant and personable.  She also informed us of other events in Town and encouraged my family to participate in them. There were vendors, Arts&Crafts for the Kids, face painting, a live band, rides and games.  I must give Kudos to the Town.  What a phenomenal collaboration between the Township Committee and the Special Improvement District.  It highlighted our towns existing businsses and it served as a venue in the center of town to bring residents together. Great job!!!

Loetia Ross