UNION, NJ – New merchants continue to be added to the Union Property Tax Reward Program (PTRP), an initiative of the township and the Special Improvement District, launched over a year ago.

Under the PTRP, homeowners shopping at local participating merchants, receive rebates from sales and services in the form of property tax credits.  The more homeowners shop in town, the more property tax credits they accumulate.  For residents who rent, they receive a rebate check in the place of a property tax credit.

The newest businesses to join the program are Garden City Restaurant and WOODstack of Union.

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There are 19 businesses in town currently participating in the program--everything from restaurants to entertainment and from bakeries to an ice cream shop.

Union resident Nick Basil said of the program, “it’s a good thing.  It comes right off your taxes.  There’s no cost to the town.  I only wish there were more stores in the program.  And the only way to get more stores is for people to ask the storekeepers who are not in the program to join.”

“The end result is win-win for both our residents and local businesses because they both benefit from the program,” said Union Mayor Suzette Cavadas.  “But the best part of the program is that it encourages our residents to first consider shopping our local small businesses before venturing to other larger retailers.”

“The upside is clear,” said Fatimah Raymond, Director of Economic Development and SID.  “Supporting local merchants while helping residents to offset some of their property tax liability is always good for any town. Also, more money stays in the community, strengthening the local economy which leads to job opportunities.”

“Right now I have $140 coming back to me, because I use the stores in town as much as I can,” added Basil.

“The feedback I am receiving from the residents is that they love the program and the idea of getting a rebate towards their property taxes is great,” continued Raymond. 

For additional information, please contact Fatimah Raymond at 908- or via email at jdeavila@uniontownship.com.

Participating merchants:

American Shave

Blue Ribbon Bakery and Café

Bon Chon Restaurant

Calesa Restaurant

Cioffi’s Ristorante Italiano

Sunoco Gas Station

Dr. Douglas Lee Chester, Dentist

Emily’s Portuguese Bakery

Garden City Restaurant

Gusto Rosso

Magic Fountain

Nate Kupperman Clothes

Nonie’s Things

Smoker’s Delight

The Gym for Kids, LLC

The Pink Room Shapewear

Union UTA Martial Arts

Woodstack of Union

WM. S. Rich & Son