UNION, NJ – Kawameeh Middle School Principal Jason Malanda sent an updated message to Kawameeh parents Wednesday afternoon assuring them that the potential threat described in an earlier message possessed no actual risk to students or staff, and the case has been closed.

Malanda said the police determined that an overheard conversation amongst students, misrepresented by another student, caused assumptions about the topic of the conversation.  Malanda said these assumptions led to fear that an incident at school may occur.  The incident was therefore reported to police.

Malanda said police are confident in their findings that no threat existed. 

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Below is Malanda’s voice message:

“This is Jason Malanda, Principal of Kawameeh Middle School calling with an update to the situation from earlier today.”

“After investigations, the police have determined that the alleged individual has made no threat against the school or any particular students.”

“The police confirm that a conversation by two students was overheard and misrepresented by a third student.  The student who overheard a portion of a conversation made assumptions about the topic of that conversation while speaking with their friends.  These assumptions led to an actual fear amongst those friends that an incident might occur at school and was therefore reported to the police.”

“The Police Department, through their investigation, is confident in their findings and have closed the case.”