Most women would be surprised when they realize their big, heavy bag could be the reason for their back pain. It may be time to put away the big purse for something more reliable. The issue with these big bags is that since it is carried on one shoulder, your posture may be thrown off. Most people carry their bag on their dominant side. Right handed people will probably carry their bag on their right shoulder. As a result, the muscles in your dominant shoulder will become bigger. When one shoulder is carrying a significant amount of weight compared to the other, the muscles in your spine must compensate for the asymmetry and this will cause lower back pain.

In addition to muscles being off balance, carrying a heavy purse also interferes with your body’s natural gait. Gait is the way your arms and legs naturally swing as you walk in order to keep your body balanced. However, when you carry a heavy purse, the arm with the purse can’t swing as much as it needs to, thus putting more pressure to swing on the opposite arm. Heavy bags often cause muscles to have spasms and tighten, specifically the trapezius muscle which is located on top on top of the shoulders. Not only is the trapezius muscle affected, but the muscles which go from the shoulder to the base of the neck are also affected.

One simple solution for this is to simply carry fewer things in your bag to reduce the weight.

Experts recommend that you carry no more than 10% of your body weight. Also, try to look for bags with wider straps so that the weight is distributed over a wider area. Bags which can be carried different ways are even better because you can hold it in your hand to give your shoulders a break. In addition to giving your shoulders a break every now and then, it is important to switch the shoulder you carry your purse so that the muscles can develop equally and provide better balance. Some people who have to carry more things than the average person might want to consider switching to a backpack so the weight is being carried on two shoulders instead of one.