No one looks good in fluorescent lighting…especially in a business or commercial space setting.

Have you ever walked into a dressing room filled with fluorescent lighting of varying degrees of brightness/coloring and just cringed at the mirror while you tried on clothing? How about walking down an empty and quiet hallway, dimly lit with flickering light bulbs that make it look straight out of a horror movie?

It’s not a good look for you, your employees, or your customers!

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Switching to LEDs is a bright idea.

  • LEDs bring uniformity and aesthetics to your space.
  • LEDs can last up to 10 years or 50,000 hours.
  • Studies have shown LED lighting improves work productivity.
  • They’re cool to the touch and don’t give off radiant heat, which means no more sweating under lights! (Seriously, you know you’ve burnt yourself on an older fluorescent light bulb - we all have.)
  • LEDs drastically cut your energy usage and help you save money annually.
  • Exterior LED lighting (like pole lights) can be an added safety measure for parking lots.

The only problem is that LEDs can be expensive, especially for small business owners and non-profits. That’s where Donnelly Energy and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ (NJCEP) comes in.

Direct Install from NJCEP is an incentive program that covers up to 70% off interior and exterior LED lighting upgrades when they are combined with a comprehensive HVAC energy efficiency projects. It all starts with a free assessment.

A contractor (like Donnelly Energy) will come in and take a look at your facility and give you a full breakdown of all of your current electrical equipment and the funding available through the Direct Install. The assessment also covers how much energy you would save annually and your return on investment because, in the end, you’re investing in your building!

If you move forward with the Direct Install program, great! We’ll handle the rest. (Everything from paperwork, ordering material, installing it, closing out permits.),

If not, no big deal. You’ll get a better idea of energy efficiency and how this program works. (But honestly, once you see the numbers, it really is a bright idea.)

Learn more about commercial lighting and HVACR upgrades through Direct Install by clicking here or calling us at 973-323-8008.

For our homeowners and at-home solopreneurs, don’t think we’re excluding you!  New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program has great offers and rebates available for you. Check out to learn more.

Whether you own a business in New Jersey or just live here, there are plenty of affordable ways to become more energy efficient in the state. No one deserves to look bad in fluorescent lighting.