BARNEGAT/WARETOWN, NJ – When it comes to holidays, who would know better than Hallmark as far as ranking their popularity? Their website claims that 85 percent of adult men and women celebrate Mother’s Day. Amid the pandemic, it is still possible to send that special mom a greeting card. However, the family get-together might be a bit more of a challenge.

Traditionally, restaurant reservations fill up quickly as food serves as a great connector when it comes to celebrations. While in-person dining is out with the shutdown, Mother’s Day represents the perfect opportunity to support local eateries. The break from cooking will likely bring a smile to every mom’s face.

It remains easy enough to pick up cards in the grocery store or pharmacy, most mothers and grandmothers appreciate the more personal touch. Even adults should consider embracing their inner creativity. A single sheet of white paper or a paper bag easily transforms into a memorable card that will be treasured forever. Of course, it is also a good idea for a grownup to guide children through the same type of project.

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Not the artsy type of person? Guaranteed that a handwritten note will make it to Mom or Grandmother’s memory box. A couple of verses strung together can result in a funny limerick or even a love sonnet. Go big and write mom a full-length tribute in story form.  TAPinto Union has a Milestones Section. Rather than announce a wedding or graduation, this may be the year that honoring mom publicly represents a milestone event.

Those who find gift-giving critical can still find candy, flowers, and fruit. Unfortunately, none of the mom-and-pop stores are open for purchasing unique presents. While Mom’s favorite hair or nail salon’s doors are closed during the coronavirus crisis, there is a good chance it’s one of the first things she’s hoping will reopen. A handwritten gift certificate or IOU will make a big hit.

Photographs capture memories that last a lifetime. Whether they’re collected in an album or transformed into a customized mug or blanket, they preserve the past. For some moms and grandmothers, a simple “brag book” serves as the most incredible show of appreciation.

Technology continues to bring loved ones together. The family matriarch may already know about Facetime, Skye, Facebook Live, and Zoom as options. However, other computer and phone applications also expand the possibilities for an exchange of laughter and fun. Despite the screen between them, loved ones can play games involving trivia and drawing challenges. Houseparty and Jackbox are two examples of applications that allow groups of people to gather together in a virtual room.

Does mom have a secret desire to grab a microphone and showcase her voice? Perhaps she has a few song requests from her children. If that’s the case, the Smule application acts as a perfect Mother’s Day activity. Solos, duets and group songs are all available with karaoke background music.  It’s also possible to find a few videos and take on a yoga or exercise class together with mom, utilizing remote access.

For some, a surprise visit to mom proves to be the ultimate gift. However, maintaining the requisite social distance remains critical. While it’s hard to resist exchanging hugs, it’s the responsible thing to do to avoid exposure. Masks protect the person on the other side of them. Limit exposure to prevent the spread of what could potentially result in serious consequences.

Just remember. More than likely, no one worries more than most mothers. Dissuade her fears on her special day. In the end, what matters most is the safety and wellbeing of each of her family members.