UNION, NJ - The S.T.E.M Fair was an idea that came from students as part of Jefferson School's Leadership Program.

Along with Jefferson School teacher Nicole Jacinto, students came up with their experiments for exhibition at the fair.  "The students have been working on their projects for about a month and this is a great turn out tonight," said Jefferson School teacher Samantha Formica.     

One team did an experiment called 'The 5 Second Rule.'  "We  took a banana, put it on the floor for five seconds, then put in a petrie dish and then tested it 24 hours later," said team members Emily Vallejo and Isabella Verzosa.     

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Jerome Fernandez's experiment was to show how magnets work.  Jerome said, “I hot glued magnets to three fidget spinners and spun one of them and all of the spun at the same time."  

Winners at the STEM fair:

Cristina Latkovich

Jerome Fernandez

Isabella Ferreira

Rena Picciano

Kayla Cunha

Mia Santos

Andrew Fernandes

Ryan Pierce

Lynda Franca

Emily Vallejo

Isabella Verzosa