UNION, NJ - Every household across the nation should have received an invitation to take the census by now, and as of Monday, April 6, Union residents are well ahead of the county and state response rate.

Fifty-nine percent of Union residents have already completed their census survey.  Union County is averaging 47 percent and the State of New Jersey only 46.2 percent.

"To date, the Township has engaged in a concerted information and outreach campaign on social media and in all Township communications in order to remind residents to fill out their Census Forms," said Union Business Administrator Don Travisano.  "  Our attempts have always been about trying to impart on our residents that the Census initiative, like combating Covid-19, is something we’re all in together and is an initiative that is of the utmost importance to our Township for the next decade."

 Residents can respond by mail, online at 2020census.gov, or by calling 844.330.2020 and select a preferred language.