UNION, NJ – About 20 women, from teens to adults, attended a free Women’s Self Defense Seminar with Union UTA Martial Arts last week. 

“Around this time of year, crimes like assault, robberies, and muggings statistically go up,” said Robert Nichols, owner and chief instructor of Union UTA Martial Arts. “People are more likely to be carrying cash and going to places that they wouldn’t normally go to for shopping.  It’s an unfortunate reality that assaults happen. You might as well arm yourself with knowledge, awareness, and simple things that can get you out of a dangerous situation.”

The event was sponsored by Union’s Special Improvement District (SID).  Nichols and his team of instructors taught the women how to effectively block an attack with both hands and feet from all angles. The women were also given the chance to break wooden boards, proving that you do not need to be a professional to do some serious damage to an attacker.