WALTHAM, MA - On Friday, October 25, Stephanie Enweonwu of Union, from the class of 2021, took part in the 4th Annual Chapel Hil-Chauncy Hall School Senate Simulation. Stephanie played the role of Senator Marco Rubio, grappling with the real issues currently facing the United States.

"The Senate Simulation is a great chance to both expand the political and civic understanding of our students active learning," said History Department Chair, Ian MacPhail. "The combination of research, presentation, simulation, and reflection gives students the opportunity to really embrace an active role in their education."

These members of the CH-CH student body worked to solve problems our real members of the government are currently struggling to solve. Were they able to figure out the best way forward on the North Korean nuclear program? Were they able to come up with a comprehensive plan to solve the huge increases in the cost of healthcare? Check out the entire Senate Simulation, filmed live, here: www.facebook.com/ChapelHillChauncyHall.

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