SPRINGFIELD, NJ - Reverend Alston lead the congregation at Antioch Baptist Church for 53 years. He died October 8, 2017. According to the Proclamation issued by the Township of Springfield, he attended the Union public schools and earned his degree from Trinity Bible College in Indiana. Reverend Alston was ordained November 1964. He presided over the building of the Church and several expansion projects.  Under his leadership, the Church grew and prospered.

In recognition of all he has given to the community of Springfield as one of its most dedicated and prominent leaders the Township Committee voted to rename Meckes Street the “Reverend Clarence E. Alston Way”.

On Sunday April 15 a church service was lead by Pastor Milton B. Hobbs.   Freeholder Bruce Bergen, Mayor Rich Huber, Township Committee persons Chris Capodice and Erica Du Bois, and Police Chief John Cook were present.  Freeholder Bergen and Mayor Huber each presented proclamations and made a short speech.

Pastor Milton B.Hobbs then invited everyone outside to witness the unveiling of the new street sign.  Family members tore off the covering and a new street sign was visible for all to see, the new Reverand Clarence E. Alston Way.