UNION, NJ – Union police say someone took the initiative to paint a crosswalk in the street at the intersection of Vauxhall Road and Brookside Drive, on the first day of school for Union public school students.

Union officers noticed the criminal mischief at 8:25 Thursday morning.  Police say the perpetrator spray-painted a makeshift crosswalk traversing the roadway of Vauxhall Road. “For those who live in the area, this purported crosswalk should not be utilized to cross because the intersection is located on a curve with a grade making it unsafe to cross,” police said.  They indicate pedestrians should cross at the intersection of Vauxhall Road and Salem Road where there is a traffic light or at the intersection of Vauxhall Road and Biscayne Boulevard which has a properly marked crosswalk and signage.

“With school starting, we are interested in keeping everyone safe--this is not a good place to cross the street,” police say.  “If by chance the spray painter reads this, please call our traffic bureau so we can discuss this.”

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to contact Union Police at 908-851-5000.