UNION, NJ – Union High School volleyball player Justin Novoa has been selected TAPinto Union’s April Male Athlete of the Month.

On the court, Novoa has 12 kills, 27 blocks, 35 digs, 339 assists, 96 service points and 24 aces.  He has a 4.4 GPA.

What’s your favorite part of being a high school athlete?

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My favorite part about being a high school athlete is meeting new people. Many of my teammates I have played with in high school sports have become my closest friends since freshman year.

Who is your favorite athlete and why?

My favorite athlete is Joe Worsley. Joe is a setter for the University of Hawaii. I look up to him because he plays at a very high level of volleyball despite being only 6’0’’. Joe brought Hawaii to a conference championship and a second place finish in the NCAA D1 men's volleyball championship.

What is your greatest high school accomplishment so far?

One of my greatest accomplishments in high school was winning the county championship with the boys soccer team this year.

Do you play any other sports? What’s your favorite?

Yes, I play soccer too. Although I do play two sports, I do not have a favorite.

What’s your favorite subject? Why?

My favorite subject in school is chemistry. Chemistry is my favorite subject because it is very complicated and not understood by many people. I enjoy helping people out with complex problems since I am very good at chemistry.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I have no idea what I want to be.

What was the most difficult thing for you to overcome as a student-athlete?

The most difficult thing for me to overcome as a student athlete is balancing my schoolwork with practices and games. Especially during midterm, benchmark, or finals weeks, time management becomes a struggle when you have a game or practice every day.

What would your words of wisdom be to future UHS athletes?

My future words of wisdom to future UHS athletes would be to trust the process.

Who inspires you?

My mother and father both inspire me. Ever since I was young both of my parents have shown and taught me to be persistent and work hard.

What are your plans after high school?

After High School I would like to play volleyball at the collegiate level and pursue an education in chemistry.