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Action or In-actions Speak Louder than Words


A Vernon Township election for Three (3) council seats is coming upon us quickly and these three positions represent the majority of the council.  It is important for residents to voice their opinion and you can do that by voting.  Every eligible resident should vote and care about who is running our town.  This is the time when you get to speak out privately.

When I go into the booth to vote I will be thinking about everything I see in our township.  My knowledge base will not come from second hand information like a video or reading the paper.  My knowledge base will come from looking around the town and seeing the results or lack of results from 2.5 years with the existing council. My voting will reflect my beliefs regarding the observations and appearances of our Township.  Actions or lack of actions speak louder than words. 

When I travel around Vernon and enter the Township from any direction I see signs that need care, painting and ATTENTION.  This Township is primarily a tourist town and when all the visitors enter our Township they should feel like the Town is alive, well maintained and get a feeling that this is a great town. They should want to come and stay to enjoy our beautiful trails, amusement park, Ski  Mountain and our businesses.  Right now driving into the main entrance on route 515 I see empty flower pots or pots with growing weeds, signs needing painting and care.  The center of the road where there were once trees now only hosts weeds and rusted grates. Missing are our welcome banners.    Most of these items can be fixed without spending much money.  I ask myself if Vernon is alive and are our elected officials awake at the wheel.  A true tourist town is supposed to be attracting and promoting residents/visitors to shop and eat local.  Economic Development has been toying with a shop local campaign for over 2 & 1/2 years and still there is no program. When people drive through our wonderful town I want them to say, wow look at this well-kept beautiful town. Our landscape is amazing; we don’t need to do much to enhance the experience of our visitors. These visitors may want to live or open a business here.

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Does anyone know what direction the Township is going?  Have we seen a plan and a time line or dates for goals to be met?   Our elected officials each have a specific job to conduct and getting along is not the highest propriety. There are no discussions at council meeting but don’t worry because everyone gets along!   “No great advance has ever been made in science, politics, or religion, without controversy.” Lyman Beecher

In this form of government a good, well respected council sets the policies that the Mayor follows in day to day operations.  Ordinances that are passed are law and the Mayor must abide by them.  In this form of government the Mayor does not even have to attend council meetings and the Council should be running the government while  setting the limits, parameters and  direction of the Township while  the Mayor carries out their wishes.  Is this how our Township is running?

When I go to the voting booth I will be voting based on what I see and not what others want me to believe. I would encourage every person to look around at our Township and ask yourself; is this where I thought we would be in Two and one half years (2 1/2) with this new form of government? 

I will be voting for the council persons I feel will listen, encourage participation even if they have a different view, have debates in public, someone who will work for the betterment of the whole community and who will not just go along with the majority.  Vote for individuals who will provide us good open government.   This is the time where you can speak up without being ridiculed because you vote in a private booth.  Do you want elected officials that addressed their own self-interest of a longer term and a pay raise in the beginning of their term. They should be serving the public, not the public serving them. Winning the election gives one the honor of serving the public not serving oneself!!!!  Sally Rinker, Jeanne Murphy have a history of serving the public. They are not afraid to speak up and challenge things. Please vote!!! 


Ed Seger

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