MONTCLAIR, NJ - Questions often come my way about how to apply to colleges abroad. While there are many third party providers that can walk a student through the application process, most work strictly for specific institutions to which they have a financial connection.   Academic Multi Paths (AMP) offers consultations on international options to find perfect college fit, while supporting only the students’ and the families’ interests, not the institutions.

At AMP we have identified 15 Steps that a high school student must take to complete a successful application and find a perfect college match:

1. Find yourself, identify your interests, your goals, your personality traits

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2. Decide on a major

3 Decide what type of college community most appeals to you (small, large, urban, rural, etc.)?

4. Decide on an area / country

5. Do the search and have a list of “maybe” colleges.

6. Match your credentials, financials, cultural background and academic goals with your top 5 to 10 colleges abroad.

7. Do not forget you will be an International Student abroad so find out about the application process for international students

8. Start your application

9 Take tests if necessary (Note: international schools do not require many test scores)

10. Narrow down your list even more for college visits (advantage –nice family vacations abroad while visiting the colleges and universities)

11Write your motivational essay if needed

12.  Find accommodations

13.Find  travel and health insurance

14. Click the button “Apply”

15.  And the 15 is you.  Make sure this experience reflects your personal input on the whole college search and application process.

AMP can help you get started and find the right college experience for you, whether it be international or domestic.  For more information visit  or call 973 744 2144.

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