The author and photographer of this article are students in Mr. Vincent Cardiello's Television Production class at Cedar Grove High School.  This week, they bring us an interview with CGHS principal Rick Mangili.  

Interviewer: What are you most looking forward to this school year?

Response: Mr. Mangili is looking forward to seeing the senior class graduate. He thinks that the class of 2018 is an excellent group of young men and women and he hopes to see them move on to better things as they move onto their college years.

Interviewer: Are there any new rules or procedures this year?

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Response: One important new rule, in Mr. Mangili's eyes, is the banning of headphones schoolwide. He says that students have abused their privilege by using their headphones too often, even when walking the halls between classes. This comes to an end this school year with a complete ban on their use.

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

Response: Mr. Mangili gives the same advice to the freshmen every year: get on top of your GPA. He says that building a foundation for your academics early on is extremely important, and hopes that incoming students understand its importance.

Interviewer: Has there been any physical changes (construction) to the school?

Response: Mr. Mangili says that there was a great deal of construction in 2016, so there was not as much this year. However, there have been some changes, such as the new Cedar Grove  banners on the poles around campus, as well as some painting in the lower B wing.

Interviewer: Have any new classes or clubs been added to the curriculum?

Response: There has been one new class- computer science with Mr. Tedesco, and one new club- art club with new teacher Ms. Sweeney.

Interviewer: Any advice for the senior class?

Response: Mr. Mangili is adamant that seniors need to keep up with their studies, despite the environment. He does not want to see their hard work come to a halt upon acceptance into college. He hopes that they will “go the distance.”

Interviewer: Will students see anything new at the Holiday Bash or Lip Sync?

Response: Mr. Mangili says that it is time for change regarding the Holiday Bash. There needs to be more participation, and he suggested a preview of the school play or a video of some kind. Lip Sync, on the other hand, is handled well, and few changes will be made. The only different thing this year could be that the date for Lip Sync will be later on in the year in order to accommodate students who cannot practice over break due to vacations.

Interviewer: What is the best part about Cedar Grove High School?

Response: Mr. Mangili was passionate that the best part about this school is the students. He feels that every group of students that comes through is excellent, and hopes that that will continue. Another thing he mentioned was that he constantly receives compliments from visitors that the students are well-behaved, always helping by holding a door or pointing the way.

Interviewer: What would you say to a student who is considering Cedar Grove, but is unsure?

Response: Mr. Mangili explained that while private school have to prove to potential students that their school is the best in order to prove that they are worth the money, Cedar Grove is not only an established school with new facilities, it also has an attractively small student body, and some new and unique classes that put students on the right track for college.

After talking to Mr. Mangili and seeing his high hopes for the year, I too felt a newfound excitement for the upcoming year.