My name is Donald Elting and I am running for Cedar Grove Town Council.

Now more than ever our town is in need of independent thought and new ideas. The landscape of our town is changing, and we need to be nimble enough to respond to it.

After the last two council meetings, the taxpayer’s subsidy of the town pool kept sticking in my mind. Most residents are probably unaware that taxpayers subsidize the pool $100,000.00 just to break even and be able to offer this amenity. Our town pool is beautiful and well run; it’s simply doomed by seasonal operation.  (Just like my own!)

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 Our pool parking lot sits empty for many months. Instead of accepting that we are losing money, it’s time for new ideas and to listen to what services the townspeople would like. We could make available valuable services while generating revenue, reducing the subsidy.

 One idea is to consider is adding a fitness center.  In addition to the pool membership, we can generate revenue with monthly fitness center membership. Depending on space and resources, we could consider an indoor facility for our children to practice during the winter months. Currently they need to travel outside of Cedar Grove. Our town pool is a great amenity, but it loses money every year, and our elected officials seem to think that’s just the way it has to be. Why not consider updating that space so that it is useful to the residents of Cedar Grove year round?

 It would not be easy, and would require lots of hard work and public discussion, but isn't that what a progressive community is all about?  I ask for your vote on May 9th. In exchange, I promise to be knowledgeable on the issues and engage in healthy debate when necessary.