I officially announced my run for Cedar Grove town council on February 5, 2017. As I stood alongside Councilman Joe Cicala and Robbie Vargo, it was with great pride that we publicly declared our intent to campaign together for the three open council seats. This announcement was made in a room filled with Cedar Grove residents. It was so important to us that we announced this commitment face-to-face and immediately engage with the members of our community.

Since February 5th, I have knocked on as many doors as possible. I have taken to the pavement every weekend and countless weeknights. The generosity of our community has been overwhelming. Our team has held ten meet-and-greets in an effort to spread our positive message to as many residents as possible. Everything that a mother does to run a household may have temporarily fallen by the wayside, but the experience has been a positive one for our family.  My two teenage daughters have witnessed their mother work relentlessly to compete in a male-dominated race with strength and determination.

Our town desperately needs a council that can work together to produce results. Robbie, Joe and I have demonstrated our ability to collaborate and, when necessary, compromise to ensure that our collective goals are met. Antagonism impedes progress and at this critical point in Cedar Grove’s evolution, we must elect councilmembers who will work together to ensure that the future of our community is safeguarded.

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Through these past few months, I have been honest, transparent, and steadfast in my mission. I have worked extremely hard, and if elected, pledge to work even harder for the citizens of Cedar Grove. I implore you to research the volunteer history of each candidate, read their published statements, and review their social media pages.  Choose wisely. Our town’s future is at stake.

Please vote Cicala (1A), Peterson (3A) and Vargo (4A) on May 9th.