Continued Dedication to Development & Training

Little known to the public, Board of Education members have many obligations beyond the monthly public meetings. Verona, as well as all local school boards in NJ, belongs to the New Jersey School Boards Association.  Their services range from board member training to legal information and negotiation consultations. School Board Members are required to go through training in three areas of Governance: New Board Member Orientation, Finance, and Student Achievement.  Members are also encouraged to attend county level meetings that provide insight into current issues that public schools face, as well as training in areas of Community Relations, Advocacy, Ethics, Sustainability, Labor Relations and more.

I've not only completed my mandatory training, but I've attended almost 50 hours of additional professional development/training sessions and was recognized by NJSBA as a Certified New Board Member!

If re-elected, I will continue keeping up with the training and development that is offered to Board members.  I believe it makes our board more informed, efficient, and effective.