Rich Williamson  


Verona resident since 1991

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Manager construction company

Children Betsy and Richie, both graduates of the Verona School system.


I believe that community service is important.   I am proud that for the past 24 plus years I have served this great town in the following capacity,

Verona Environmental Commission

Verona Budget Review Committee

Verona Public Safety Committee

Verona Municipal Alliance Committee - VMAC

Verona Centennial Celebration

Hilltop Complex Planning Committee

Verona Baseball Softball League- current President, Board Member, Coach

Verona Band Parents and Verona Sports Boosters

Rutgers Coaches Safety Coarse Instructor

Elder and Trustee at First Presbyterian Church


 Approach to Budgeting and Financing

 As GM of a business I create budgeting for manpower and healthcare daily. As a fiscal conservative, I look for new ways to increase revenue and limit costs to compete. I hold staff responsible for their costs and ensure they are justified.  Infrastructure maintenance is costly, it’s important not to ignore as it will be costly later.  I believe in quality work and that “the bitterness of poor quality remains after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". 


 Something people may not know?

 In 2011, while playing basketball in town I went into cardiac arrest.  Fortunately, the Verona Police Department and Verona Rescue Squad arrived in minutes and saved my life.  I can't express how humbling and eye opening that is.   I was given a second chance at life.  I want to make the most of that chance and give back to the great people of our community.  Our first responders are the best and we should be grateful for their dedication. I know am.   


 Finish this sentence

Verona taxpayers are.....exhausted. They’re tired of the nonsense that goes on with the town council.  Instead of grandstanding, finger pointing and lawsuits they want their councilmember’s to work for them and not their own personal agenda. They want quality dialogue, cooperation, compromise and answers not “gotchas” and soundbites.  They want someone that is fiscally responsibility, will deliver quality services and give them value for their tax dollar. They want to elect someone that will look out for them and stop the nonsense.


Why should people vote for me?

 In 2013, I lost the election by 1 vote.  My fresh perspective and common sense approach resonated with residents. Throughout my extensive community service, I have a record of positive results which will be an asset to the council. Residents see me around town and know I’m accessible and not just a one issue candidate. They know I have my finger on the pulse of our community and will represent the interests of all our residents, not a select few. 

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