CEDAR GROVE, NJ - Andi Jennings is the heart and soul of this Downtown Advisory Committee inagural initiative.  Andi is a graphic designer and the brain behind the idea.  The Downtown Advisory Committee members have nothing but praise and gratitude for Andi, stating that without her this whole event would never have happened.  Andi stepped up to help the DAC kick off their idea and has been the backbone of the event.  She contacted many artists she knew personally to encourage their participation.

Andi's company, MadCreek, LLC is a key component in the facilitation of the Inaugural Cedar Grove Art Walk. As the Cultural Awareness arm of the Downtown Advisory Committee, MadCreek has been given the rare opportunity to brand, organize and facilitate the Art Walk.  With the resources of her firm, vendor partnerships and the unwavering support of the members of the Downtown Advisory Committee, MadCreek was able to take this Walk, (an idea, not original, but never done in Cedar Grove,) and make it it’s own yearly event – with the sole focus to bringing vibrancy and excitement to the Cedar Grove Downtown District.

“I am so honored to have been given this opportunity to be a part of the Downtown Advisory Committee and I am thrilled to run the first official event. To be able to run an event in my hometown has been especially rewarding. Never have I seen a group of volunteers more dedicated to any one cause. Watch out Cedar Grove, The DAC is a powerhouse that will bring incredible things to Cedar Grove, NJ!”  – Andi Jennings.

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An Art Director by nature, Jennings is no stranger to cultural town-wide events. She is also currently the Managing Director of the George Miller Art Society.  The GMAS currently in its 8th year, was created by Andi and Daniel Marck, (GMAS Creative Director) in dedication to their long-time high school art teacher. This non-profit organization focuses yearly on educational, awareness and volunteer events that inspire arts and culture in small communities  - and has raised over  $25,000 in scholarship money for high school art students through various art shows. 

“The core belief of the GMAS is that the arts are a uniting factor in ANY community.  In the Cedar Grove ArtWalk, that principle is evident by having our High School students provide the live music, our Cedar Grove residents as the majority of banner artists and our streets filled with families and townspeople coming together and appreciating it all” – Andi Jennings.

Last year’s GMAS educational event was the Cedar Grove Memorial Middle School Sculpture Project. A 4 week, after-school program, where a group of middle school art students worked with Jennings and Marck and learned to create and install their first sculpture. Which was unveiled at the Middle School Spring Concert in May 2017.

“Having my partner Daniel Marck from the GMAS, volunteer his time to curate and assist with the artistic details of this ArtWalk, is something I am extremely grateful for. Also one of our “Banner Artists”, he is sure to bring a unique perspective to the Walk, that Cedar Grove has never seen. I am grateful for the time he and our staff at MadCreek have dedicated to our Cedar Grove event.“

Andi has taken her 23 years experience in the advertising industry, the resources of MadCreek and the mentality of the GMAS and poured all three initiatives into the Inaugural ArtWalk.

“This event would not be possible without out the support of our Town Council, the time and talent of our Banner Artists and most of all,  our Sponsors. The quick support around this event was absolutely refreshing and set this initiative in motion. Our goal was always to keep our local businesses at the forefront and we are excited to see what this Inaugural event brings to them and the town of Cedar Grove”.

The Cedar Grove Art Walk is on April 12 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.  The inaugural Art Walk in the township will be a festival in the downtown district, featuring artwork from some of the most sought-after New Jersey artists, as well as from talented Cedar Grove residents and students.  Twenty pole banners will be installed from the railroad trestle to Delmonico's.  Artists will be creating a masterpiece on the front and the back of those banners -- all Cedar Grove themed, so essentially there will be 40 different pieces of artwork featured in the downtown area.  The pole banners will be displayed for a month and then be auctioned off.